Are You Ready for This!

This past year, our lives have changed immensely because of Covid and politics. People are having a hard time and the antidote to the challenges we all face is comedy. 

Comedy that brings us together.

Covid-19 almost killed me but now I’m on a mission to give back. Life’s too short!

No politics. No craziness.  Just me and stupid people, of which I am one.


Release date: June 25, 2022 in the afternoon on the Dry Bar app.

Check it out at:

Watch the Trailer!

I continue to believe in OUR ability to spread the fertile seeds of healing and hope, delivered through my style of stand-up comedy. 

On cruise ships, as most of you know, I continue to do an old-school music show along with my comedy.

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Do you remember that? Do you remember laughing and having fun? That’s what we need now.  And, I’m going to bring it.

So, come on out and have a good time.


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