Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey everyone!
I am truly humbled by the overwhelming response we have had for my upcoming Milwaukee show. So many of you responded that we outgrew the venue. Even if we did two shows with 50-60 per show, it wouldn’t be enough to accommodate the 300-400 people planning to come.

We found a place but it was too late to switch for this Saturday’s show. Unfortunately, the show has to be postponed to Father’s Day. It could have been planned better by the venue but I blame no-one.

Please contact Darryl about your tickets as I had nothing to do with that side of things. I was basically donating the show for cost. My joy and reward is bringing all of you together to laugh again, taking you back to a simpler time.

I wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving!

For ticket refunds or questions:

Darryl Hill at 414-627-3770.


This past year, our lives have changed immensely because of Covid and politics. People are having a hard time and the antidote to the challenges we all face is comedy. 

Comedy that brings us together.

Covid-19 almost killed me but now I’m on a mission to give back. Life’s too short!

No politics. No craziness.  Just me and stupid people, of which I am one.


Release date: June 25, 2022 in the afternoon on the Dry Bar app.

Check it out at: https://www.drybarcomedy.com

Watch the Trailer!

I continue to believe in OUR ability to spread the fertile seeds of healing and hope, delivered through my style of stand-up comedy. 

On cruise ships, as most of you know, I continue to do an old-school music show along with my comedy.

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel and Like my Facebook Page to join our movement of people coming together to spark a new revolution, igniting our spirits with new life. People coming together and laughing, having a good time. 

Do you remember that? Do you remember laughing and having fun? That’s what we need now.  And, I’m going to bring it.

So, come on out and have a good time.


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